Who we are

Ancom’96 S.R.L., is a Marine Service Company founded in 1996 in Constanta – ROMANIA. The main activities are full services of consulting, sales, installation, commissioning, maintenance and testing of the Automation, Navigation and Communication equipment onboard ships, onshore, offshore and industrial sites.

We also carry out installation and commissioning of various new equipment designed to maintain or upgrade the classification of seagoing ships; Ship Refit, Retrofit and Conversions. Our Service activity takes place on board ships or in our Workshop.

We have at our disposal suitable spaces and tools for carrying out the specific activities: the workshop is a special space equipped with the related equipment for checking and repairing certain electrical installations, navigation equipment and measuring and control devices, electrical and electronic naval equipment.

ANCOM’ 96 has trained engineers by:

  • Thrane & Thrane – Cobham;
  • Kelvin Hughes;
  • Ami Marine;
  • MacGregor Interschalt;
  • Skipper Electronics;
  • Deckma Hamburg;
  • Rivertrace Engineering;

Ancom’96- Marine Service Company
Marine Electronics Equipment Service & Supply
Automation Navigation Communication


In the marine industry, our interest is not to sell marine equipment; It’s the customer’s choice if he wants to buy marine equipment from a vendor or from a specialist.


Quality is what we offer
It is an objective in itself that we have set for each activity, and also a means of achieving stakeholder confidence and build successful relationships.


The top management of Ancom ‘96 SRL is committed to: provide the necessary technical, logistical and organizational environment …