Navigation Systems & Equipment Services

Safely navigating to any destination depends highly upon the reliable operation and solid performance of various wheelhouse equipment. Our skills, experience and knowledge base accumulated over the years enables us to properly investigate, find the faults in any equipment and provide a customized solution for a stand-alone or integrated navigation system. We can offer indepth analysis of the follwing equipment:

  • AIS;
  • GPS / DGPS;
  • ECDIS / ECS / Chartplotter;
  • Magnetic Compass;
  • Gyro Compass / Satelite Compass;
  • Autopilot;
  • Speed Log;
  • Echosounder;
  • BNWAS;
  • Navigation and Signal Light Controller;
  • Serial Signal NMEA, CANbus, MODbus, TCP/IP Distribution, Multiplexing, Configuration