Who we are

ANCOM'96 is a marine service company founded in 1996, Constanta, Romania.


S.C. Ancom '96 S.R.L. is a provider and service center for marine automation, navigation and communication equipment.


With over 20 years of experience we are the leading marine electronics company this side of the Black Sea. We offer insight and proffessionalism so that we can ensure you always make the right choice.


Our customers are our partners. Therefore we strive to improve, grow and nurture our partnerships and become the natural choice when it comes to our markets. We deliver quality. It is a goal within itself that we set for every task and a means of achieving our clients trust thus building successful and profitable relationships. It motivates and forces us to demonstrate that when it comes to marine electronics we are the best choice.


In the marine electronics industry our interest is not just to sell equipment. The difference that makes us the only choice is that with us you will have the unique advantage of working with a specialist instead of a vendor. We offer a proffessional aproach and will always counsel on the best route so that we can ensure maximum reliabilty and performance. In doing so you can rest assured that your equipment will work in the toughest conditions and will always be in the manufacturers parameters.


We are proud of our achievements and we will always strive for perfection. In doing so we help our teams of specialists by continuously growing their knowledge, skills and attitude. Our teams of engineers and technicians can solve any problem created by any of the equipment fitted onboard a ship so that after any intervention you will no longer need any further investigations and the problem that you had will only be history.